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Live Bush Fire Ready
with the RFS NSW app


As part of our research for the 'Live Bush Fire Ready' TV campaign, we approached RFS NSW with an idea for an app and website.  Year on year people have intentions for their bush fire survival plan, however a significant portion leave it incomplete. With this problem in mind we connected an app that could help people prepare and stay safe.

After asking users a few questions about their home and lifestyle, the app keeps you up to date with your risk profile and gamifies your steps to prepare your family and your home with tips and survival plans that relate to your circumstance. Fundamentally every step is designed to reduce barriers and keep users motivated and informed and therefore kept safe.

The response from RFS was overwhelmingly positive and they are in the process of acquiring funding to kick-off the project.


Creative ideation
Rapid concept development


Project Lead

Design Director (UX/UI)

Wunderman Thompson (WPP)

To connect the fragmented resources on the the RFS website we proposed the idea of creating a personalised portal experience to tie-in these experiences into one place.  As accessibility to the greater NSW community was important, the website would provide an alternative to using the app.

Both platforms provide you with a live personalised risk assessment, access to resources and a way to engage with your surrounding community.
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