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Made for all Australians regardless of nationality, culture or language, Compass is an inclusive website navigating the difficult topic of elder abuse.

Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA) and the Australian Attorney-General's Department needed to create a digital-hub of resources and information to help older Australians who are experiencing elder abuse or their friends and family who are concerned for their wellbeing.
The project involved simultaneously researching the audience, designing and testing the website as well as creating a new digital-first brand.

Keeping the age of the audience in mind, the site met WCAG 2 and was also designed to accomodate for font re-sizing, screen readers and language support/translation, all to ensure it could serve as much of the community as possible.




Design System


Design Direction

UX/UI Design

User testing

Wunderman Thompson (WPP Agency)

A major part of the project was building a robust Design System that would provide a solid foundation that met the needs of both accessibility and content creation as the site continues to grow over the years.
Being a hub for info and resources, a key design challenge was how to make dense, complex and lengthy articles visually pleasing and easy to navigate.

To address this an anchored sub-navigation was introduced in each of these pages to help you understand the general content within the page and jump quickly to the section of most relevance.

Aiding legibility, a highly accessible font and colour system was used and for desktop and tablet an asymmetrical grid layout to house long-form content.
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