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The first release of theVelocity Frequent Flyer App, the home of points.

As part of Velocity's digital transformation, the brand needed an app where members could regularly interact, engage and earn points, thus derive value from the loyalty program.

For the first phase of the project, we worked closely with the Velocity team, conducted co-design sessions, ran workshops, interviewed members and spoke to their call-centre employees to gather insights and ideas to help define the features of the MVP for launch.

With business buy-in, we moved to the second phase, working in sprints to design and deliver the iOS app then its Android version and improve and adjust as we went along.

Once the app was established, Velocity then brought on an internal design team to continue its evolution. Since launch it has won Gold in the DrivenXDesign Awards.


UX research
Concept development
Feature testing
User testing
Interface + interaction design
IOS + Android phased release


Design Direction

UX/UI Design


Tigerspike (Consultancy)

Above the Clouds
Working with the client in co-design workshops, we ideated a few key features that were then tested with user groups.

The winning feature became the hero of the app: An interactive globe that allows you to visualise where your points can take you.

Other features that came out of the ideation were also validated by user groups and the VFF technical team and put into a product roadmap/feature backlog.
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