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Expanding the opportunities for Woolworths Group in the gainful and growing 'Pets' market.

Woolworths Group is one of Australia's largest retailers and recognising that the Pets industry is one of the fastest growing retail sectors, the client saw an opportunity to develop a white-label platform that the group could use to expand their product lines and increase their customer base and revenue streams.

Below is a snapshot of the product proposal.


Design Director (UX/UI)
Project Lead

Wunderman Thompson (WPP)


App concept development

Product design proposal

The proposal for the product design was based on creating a hyper-personalised experience by asking tailored questions about your pet to create a unique profile, allowing for dynamic data-driven content and commerce solutions that are tailored to your pet's needs.
As well as smart subscriptions and data-driven content, the app also had a gamified community where users were rewarded with badges and points for their interactions and product reviews. 
These could then be used to redeem products and services and keep users engaged and active brand ambassadors.
This was a six-week engagement which resulted in a product proposal which was presented to the group CEO Brad Banducci, for further funding.

To see the full propsal please get in touch.

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