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De-merging from AMP Limited, AMP Capital emerges as Collimate Capital


Lead Designer

Created at

Frank Digital


Information Architecture

User testing
Creative Direction

User Interface Design

Design System


Business and Finance

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As AMP Capital de-merges from AMP, they wanted to  rebrand to Collimate Capital and slightly shift their offering and positioning in the financial services market.

As the Lead Designer, I worked closely with the UX and Dev team at Frank Digital, the Head of Digital at AMP and Interbrand to create the new digital platform for Collimate Capital.

*Please note whilst this site is finished, it is not live yet as in July 2022 Dexus announced its take-over of AMP Capital
UX Challenges
The first horizon for the digital strategy was to build a brand new website and CRM, optimisation that was separate to AMP. The key UX considerations were:
  • Integrate salesforce integrations
  • Increase lead capture and conversions
  • Integrate marketing campaigns
    General improvements across site
  • Improved keyword search and filtering
Through a number of workshops with the key stakeholders, we aligned on the audience groups to research and test with, gathered requirements and then began thorough desk research.

As the content from the site was being created by a large range of stakeholders across the globe, two rounds of wireframe testing was conducted to ensure the structure and content strategy for the site matched their needs and their capabilities as SMEs.

Existing personas research was used to further identify value propositions that would drive the IA and content strategy for the site. Data analytics from the existing AMP Capital site were used to inform the IA , socials, content and SEO strategy. 

For example 46% of organic traffic to their current site was driven by branded terms. Therefore it was our recommendation to maintain similar URL structures, adding both brand names to page titles and meta descriptions, increasing PPC activity and more.

Design Challenges
The look and feel of the site and the key messages that the team needed to communicate included:
  • The site must look very different from AMP​
    ​It needs to reflect the vision of this new brand: lean and simple
    It has to feel premium, best-in-class and refreshing compared to the wider market
However the key design challenge was that due to deadlines we were entering the interface design phase of the project at the same time as the brand team from Interbrand was conducting their branding work. 
Using the wireframes as a base, three creative approaches to the homepage, menu and one other key page were presented to the working group for feedback. This process was repeated until we settled on a single approach to roll out across the site.

close working relationship was established with the external brand team so that all new modules and pages for the site and specific digital brand requirements could be decided collaboratively whilst still respecting each other's expertise and disciplines.

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