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Growing a loyal 'bunch' with Woolworths


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Woolworths needed an experience to create engagement and preference around their own-brand products. They had spent considerable investment improving their quality, but they were getting little to no increase in sales. 
The insight that drove the project was around the shifting consumers purchase behaviour, as they typically did not trust messages coming from the brands. 
Through research, we noticed consumers trust reviews from their peers, over what brands try to sell them. 

So 'bunch' was born, an invite-only online community where users are invited to taste, test and talk about the supermarkets own branded products. These customers rate the products, comment and share their experiences and reciepes with others.

NB: As the project duration was many years and had many aspects that can't succinctly be captured here. Please get in touch for more information about the project and my role in it.
Below are some of the key challenges over the years:
  • How do we keep users engaged?
  • How do we distinguish the public 'bunch' interface from the private 'team bunch' interface?
  • How do we encourage them to leave reviews, create recipes, start chats?
  • How do we encourage a safe and inclusive community environment?
  • How do we re-engage users who have dropped off?
  • How can we improve the onboarding experience?
  • How can we help people 'find their tribe' in the sea of content that has been created?
  • How do we best migrate the site to salesforce without compromising on the user experience?
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Research and design approach
Working closely with the product owner, areas for improvement were constantly identified. Some of this was directly from user feedback, some of it was uncovered during 1-1 user testing and other insights from the data analytics team.

The process then involved co-design workshops with the platform moderators and other SME to identify features to improve, and hypothesis to test and strategise around. 

After deep-dives in competitor research and desk research more workshops were done with the team to unite on the strategy forward.
Whether it be wireframes, visual interfaces or concepts, multiple options were always presented to the product owner for approval to take to testing.

Some of the design solutions over the years included:
  • Gamifying the review and content creation with badges
  • ​Advanced filtering to help find content most relevant to you and your interests
  • Better onboarding experience for new users
  • Personalised dashboards
  • CRO CTAs and interface design
  • Automated eDMs
  • Adapting and adjusting features to match or customise salesforce lighting design system
What started with 5,000 users in 2017, Bunch now has over nearly 20x this on average monthly users. The platform has allowed for 1,700 products sampled and now hosts over 750,000 reviews.
The community is highly engaged with 50,000+ chats and a 7% average community engagement rate (users who posted more than just a review). The Bunch platform is now a content hub with 8,000+ recipes and 1,700+ articles.
Best of all, our data shows us that Bunchees shop more often and have higher average weekly spend than the average customer.
The results on the community platform led to the launch of Team Bunch, a version with over 10,000 Woolworths employees to help drive further advocacy for Woolworths branded products.
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