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Breathing new life to Roseville College


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Roseville College is one of the oldest private schools for girls in Sydney. After a rebrand, they needed to update their website to best present the school and needed to focus on conversion, i.e. more enrolments.
The content and IA on their existing site was overwhelming and needed to be designed from scratch. The marketing team needed a robust and flexible system to cater to their content creation needs. Most importantly, they wanted strategies to drive prospective parents down the conversion funnel to book a tour and consequently enrol their daughters in the school.
Roseville Card Sort.png
Roseville IA.png
After a stage of competitor research, insights and strategy were presented to the working team and through three stages of co-design workshops we landed on the final IA.

To save costs and cater for the variety of content types the site required, a modular set of components were designed that were flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the IA.

To work as lean as possible, the interface designs functioned as both the wireframes and the pixel perfect assets for the development team.  

A thorough UI kit was created that outlined the various modules and how they look and function. This was both used by the development team for build, but also as a toolkit for the client when creating content to mix and match the structure of pages as needed.
The site showcases the school's focus on community and presents the facilities of the school through vibrant imagery and video, finding a happy medium between depth of content and simplicity in presentation.

Each page of the site is geared either overtly or subtly to three main calls to action: requesting a prospectus, booking a visit and enrolments.

The CMS needs of the client were successfully met and the approach to the strategy and design has resulted in one of the best school websites in the country.

View live site here.


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